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Seiran Khatlamajyan Collection

Seiran Khatlamajyan

1937 – born in Nakhijevan-upon-Don (Rostov, Russia).
1954-1959 – study of painting at the Rostov State College of Fine Arts.
1959 – upon the advice and with support of Martiros Sarian moved to Armenia.
Studied painting at the State Institute of Fine Arts and Drama, Yerevan.
1963-1965 – participated in numerous ethnographic expeditions to all regions of Armenia, organized by the Armenian National Academy of Sciences.
Since 1964 – participated in annual exhibitions organized by the Armenian Artists’ Union.
1965 – winner in the field of graphics of the 2nd Youth competition, Armenia.
Member of the Armenian Artists’ Union.
1991-1992 – worked on the reconstruction of the coat of arms of the Republic of Armenia.
1992 – upon his initiative the Armenian Parliament officially endorsed his reconstruction of the coat of arms of the first Republic.
1994 – died in Yerevan.
1978 – participated in the “Armenian Colors”, exhibition and “8 Armenian Artists”, gallery “Drouot,” Paris.
The same exhibition was displayed at the AGBU gallery, New York.
1979 – participated in the exhibition of Armenian painting at the Gulbenkian Foundation Hall, Lisbon.
1992 – participated in “4 Armenian abstract artists” exhibition, Hovhannes Toumanian home-museum, Yerevan.
1994 – participated in the Armenian Art and Culture exhibition, Bochum, Germany.
Participated in “The Abstract Art in Armenia,” Armenian Artists’ Union, Yerevan.
1998 – “Abstractions – intimate overview” exhibition, Charlie Khachadourian gallery, Yerevan.
Personal exhibitions:
1966 – Armenian Architects Union, Yerevan.
1967-1972 – exhibitions in several cities of Armenia.
1967 – White Hall of the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” newspaper, Moscow.
1975 –Union of Cinematography, Yerevan.
1982 – Armenian Artists’ Union, Yerevan.
1983 – Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin, Armenia.
1987 – “Punkt” gallery, Gdansk, Poland.
The works are kept in the Modern Art Museum (Yerevan), National Gallery
of Armenia, Tretyakov National Gallery (Moscow), Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow), Gnessin Music Institute (Moscow), Nonconformist Art Museum, Washington and in many private collections in Armenia and abroad.